Inventory Services London

Tenancy Checks: Check-In Inventory Reports

At the start of the tenancy, Inventory House will carry out tenancy checks and thoroughly document and photograph the cleanliness and condition of the property whilst ensuring the inventory check list is correct. If there is no tenancy inventory checklist then we would suggest you take full advantage of our range of London inventory services and ensure an inventory list and check-in is undertaken.

The tenancy inventory checklist is a complete record of decoration, fixtures and fittings and furniture content and carried out by one of our inventory clerks. The report will list each and every item that makes up the property from the colour of the ceiling to the number of plug sockets. When accurate and detailed, the property inventory service will ensure the condition of the property and all its contents are recorded thoroughly at both check-in and check-out, of course it will also reduce the possibility of a dispute over missing items.

At check-in the inventory clerk will record which keys have been exchanged and will record the utility meter readings. The clerk and tenant will agree the condition of the property and sign the report, all included as part of the inventory services provided.