4 Questions to ask when Choosing a Property Inventory Company

November 8th, 2012


Whether you are an Estate Agency looking for repeat property inventory services or a landlord or tenant looking for a one-off inventory for your new tenancy, you need to make sure you choose the right inventory company.

An Estate Agent will be looking for professional representation and a landlord or tenant will want to trust that  a thorough and accurate report is produced, giving peace of mind.

Even as a landlord or tenant leaving it to the Estate Agents to organise the inventory, you should find out a little more; your rental investment or your deposit may rely on it.

Here are our top 4 most important questions to ask:

1. Who is the inventory company? 
Check out their website. Do they have one and do they look professional? Does the website mention what other customers they work for? If they do, maybe you could contact them for a reference.

2. How much experience does the inventory company have? 
How long have they been operating and how many inspections do they carry out on average each day, week or month?

A good inventory clerks experience counts for everything when compiling a detailed report or uncovering less obvious damages in a property.

3. Ask for an example inventory report. Is there a high level of detail and does it include digital photographs?
If you are employing a credible independent inventory company it should have both especially digital photography services.

4. Are you confident that you are getting good customer service? 
In our opinion this is just as important as any of the above points.  If you have an enquiry or even a complaint, is there someone you can call and speak to?

Do they have dedicated staff to answer calls and enquiries or is there just a mobile phone number that keeps going to answer phone every time you call?