‘Appalling’ House Results in Landlord Fine

March 23rd, 2015

A house which was left in an ‘appalling state of disrepair’ has resulted in a fine of £5,260 for its landlords.

As a result of ongoing issues the landlord pairing – Tarrek and Saria Aslam – were ordered by Brent Council to pay the fine, which came after a number of enforcement issues by Brent Council were ignored, the Landzone Reported.  These types of issues could be avoided, for both tenants and landlords, with third party inventory services taking note of changes to the state of properties in between tenants, ensuring the cost of the damage is rightly attributed.

Problems noted in the property included persistent leaks from bathroom windows, collapsed ceiling and severe mould growth as a result of ongoing damp within the property. Despite numerous meetings, phone calls and letters the issues were never solved.

Improving the standards of tenants, and maintaining, these standards are often at the forefront of a landlord’s mind. A property is a product and investment, measures such as tenancy checks, professional cleaning and updates to the property play an essential part in the maintenance and ongoing value the property has to a tenant and in the long run a landlord.

By ignoring ongoing issues and refusing to meet the basic standards required for a rental property, the Aslam’s received a fine, lost money and potentially business – ruining the investment they have made into the property.

Following on from the issue, Brent Council announced it had introduced licensing for private landlords, with those not holding a license potentially receiving a £20,000 fine.

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