Are Landlords Reducing Tenant Fears?

October 27th, 2015

A survey from AXA Business Survey has revealed the biggest fears of 8.3 million tenants across the UK.  As landlords work to justify potentially increasing rents and cover the costs of their own business, we ask if simple steps – such as a regular inventory check – could make all the difference to the potential happiness of a tenant.

According to the survey only 30% of landlords carry out an annual gas inspection (required by law) and 58% have no fire alarm fitted.   A mid-tenancy check could ensure that needless mistakes are being made and in the long run tenants do not feel they have been left out in the cold when trying to have any problems solved – particularly if safety is a concern.

Beyond this the survey outlined that 60% of rental properties have no carbon monoxide alarm fitted.

The biggest gripe for tenants came from the amount of locks on windows and doors around the homes, where 73% of properties fall short of having locks on all entrances to the house.

Unorganised landlords could also end up facing a needless race against time to meet the government’s ‘reasonable energy efficiency’ measure – such as insulation and double glazing – if requested by a tenant. By 2018 it will be an offence for a landlord to let a property fall into the lowest energy efficiency bands – F and G – which the survey suggests is applicable for one in ten rental properties in the UK.

Although no substitution for strong relationship building on the part of a landlord, regular calls and surveys to ensure tenants across all properties are having needs met, a UK home inventory company can ensure everything in a property is in working order as it was when the tenant moved in, and a landlord would expect it to be should a tenant decide to move out.

Further, Darrell Sansom, managing director at AXA Business highlighted the need for more landlords to carry out regular checks for the benefit of both themselves and tenants.

“There are simple things landlords need to do to comply with the law and ensure decent safety standards for their tenants. Keeping an eye on your property must come first: we know that a third of landlords never visit their rental properties after a tenant moves in, and quarterly checks are only conducted by 17%.”

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