Cleaning Disputes Require Evidence

November 8th, 2012


Over 50% of disputes handled by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme are regarding the cleanliness of a property.

It is the tenant’s responsibility to leave the property in the condition they found it allowing for general wear and tear.  However, if a thorough inventory check-in report was not carried out at the time of moving in, the Landlord will not have the evidence necessary to refer back to should a dispute on cleanliness arise.

If the check in report notes areas that require cleaning, the Landlord should take note and take action.  If the same cleaning requirement is brought up at the end of the tenancy in the check-out report then the Landlord will need to prove that the original cleaning had been carried out.
We advise that receipts are handed to the Inventory Clerk so that they may be submitted with the check in/out reports as proof that the cleaning has been carried out.

Some inventory companies will note on the check-out report who is responsible for the cleaning or any damages.  Make sure your inventory agent of choice does exactly this.

To summarise:

• Landlords and letting agents should take action based on the check in/out reports. To claim for discrepancies where there is no clear evidence or to claim too much money is not only unethical but also a waste of time.

• Choose an inventory company that documents who they believe is responsible for the cleaning or any damages, a good inventory clerk will base their decision on clear evidence.

• Tenants, landlords or agents should always obtain a cleaning receipt and submit it with the check out report as supporting evidence