Five Things Landlords Need in 2015

December 18th, 2014

A New Year often means a new start for many, as the bells chime 12 and people celebrate, many will make resolutions and kick start an aspect of their life.  For landlords, could thinking about the long term be an option?

Whether it is the application of inventory services or taking on reliable contractors to save money over a longer period of time, landlords have a range of options they can take when planning their 2014.

1.       Get Healthy

A popular choice for resolution makers is getting healthy, although this needn’t apply just to the body.

Ensuring all accounts are in order, contracts are as they should be and relationships with tenants are healthy is a great way to build a strong foundation for the year.

Think about ways you can open up a line of communication with tenants, this will put them at ease if they have a problem.  Don’t be a stranger to tenants – you never know what they might need!

2.       Get Organised

There are plenty of ways to get organised as well, including hiring an accountant, letting manager or inventory service to manage particular parts of a property.

Approaching work in this way allows for your time to be used wisely, while things like inventory checks and the day-to-day running of a business are picked up elsewhere.

Selecting the right people to work with is important; choose those you trust and believe can make a difference to your business.

3.       Get a new job

It seems the job market can go a little crazy in January so could be time for a new job?

Probably not! But it could be time to look for a new property and expand your business empire.  As it’s the beginning of the year, why not consider a longer term challenge to take you through to 2016.  A property that needs renovation could be a great choice or even an expansion project in order to utilise the positives of a current property.

4.       Reconnect with Friends

Although it can seem like it sometimes, being a landlord doesn’t need to be a one person business.  Connect with the right people in the industry and see where business opportunities can arise.

5.       Have a makeover

The demand for rental properties is huge, so don’t miss out on great tenants by not being marketed properly.

When meeting would-be tenants for the first time you should look put their mind at ease about inventory checks, contractors for plumbing/electrical issues and the way the property is run overall.

Remember, they want somebody they can trust where they can make a home.

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