Why Does an Inventory Service Matter?

February 26th, 2015

Renting a property comes with a range of costs – these can get very frustrating if unexpected or through no fault of your own.  Home inventories can bridge the gap between potential problems and the avoidance of unexpected costs, and using the right a registered inventory specialist across all properties being rented can ensure all your details and administration is under one roof.

Picking a Local Inventory Clerk

If you have a portfolio of properties, you’ll need to think convenience for yourself when selecting an inventory service.

For example, those based in and around London should consider a home inventory service in the London area as it will mean your hired firm, or individual, can be on site and carrying out tenancy checks and inventories as and when you need them.

This reduces costs and increases productivity within your portfolio.

What Can You Expect from an Inventory Service?

Inventory services will differ dependant on when you are looking for, whether it be mid-tenancy checks to ensure everything is in working order, or end of tenancy surveys to ensure tenants have left the property in the right state.

The basics on how an inventory check works will remain the same – a checklist will be completed and notes on the property made to ensure the landlord, or letting agent, remains satisfied with the current state of the property.

Ongoing checks, every six to 12 months can ensure the property remains in good condition with any problems reported as early as possible.

Full reports on efficiency and safety within the property – such as electrical wiring – can also form part of these checks.

Why Does an Inventory Service Matter?

Tenants often pay a huge proportion of their income towards rental payments and landlords have an investment to protect.

Regular inventory checks can ensure peace of mind for both parties, aid in rectifying any ongoing situations and ensure both tenants and landlords will not be stung with any unexpected costs at any point in the process.

Inventory House is an inventory clerk service in London.  We provide a range of options from pre-tenancy checks to EPC surveys.  Contact us today and find out how we can help you.