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Inventory Checklist

Are you a landlord or agent?

If the answer is Yes, then you should be keeping a well documented Inventory Checklist for your rental property.

The inventory checklist needs to be a record of each and every fitting and fixture, decor and any furnishings taken at the time a tenant moves in to a property. This tenancy document becomes your main point of reference for your inventory check when a tenant moves out as it has documented everything in the property, therefore any breakages or damages to the property or furnishings can be taken into account and money from the tenancy deposit to cover the cost of repairs and replacements.

As a landlord, if you wish to create your own inventory checklist then you should consider researching property inventory companies and getting as much knowledge and information about creating your own inventory checklist as possible. Property inventory companies specialising in Inventory London can provide you with thorough and efficient inventory services to take the weight off of your shoulders and complete regular checks on your behalf which will help avoid being seen as a biased landlord should any disputes arise.

Inventory House will provide fully trained and independent Inventory Clerks to complete an inventory check on your property using the checklist and document it with digital photography as photographic proof at the start and end of a tenancy agreement.

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