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Property Inventories Dartford

Inventory House are a leading provider of property inventories Dartford.

We offer a range of property inventory services throughout Dartford including check-in and check-out reports. We also have a number of fully qualified Domestic Energy Assessors who can provide comprehensive EPC services.

Whether you are a Letting Agent, Private Landlord or Tenant, we can help. We understand how important a professional rental inventory is for a tenant and landlord alike which is why we provide the most thorough property inventories, complete with digital photography.

We will visit your property at the beginning of a tenancy agreement in order to check and record the state of the property. We can then carry out periodic checks on the property so that you can rest assured that your property is being well looked after. At the end of the tenancy agreement, we will then conduct a check-out inspection and report our findings back to the Landlord or Letting Agent.

Professional inventories can help to prevent or resolve any deposit disputes at the end of a tenancy, saving you time and money.

For further information on our inventory and EPC services in Dartford, contact our friendly team today on 0207 231 0095.